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Travel tips when flying on PAL

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Here are some useful tips from someone who just travelled back to Hawaii via Philippine Airlines yesterday. 

"If you or have friends about to travel via PAL, here are my recommendations & observations.
Go to the airport early. 4 hours before flight time as there are additional protocols, etc.
Most flights are full & PAL still practice double booking in case there are no shows. 
Majority, if not all passengers have been thru several cancellations & eager to get home. 
 In the case of our flight, everyone  showed up and so,  some travellers were turned away at check in even with a confirmed tickets. It turned into first come, first serve basis. So, go to the airport early or check in on line within 24 hours of flight. 
Insist on getting assigned seat as this will reduce the  risk of being turned away at check in.
There is no social distancing observed in the plane.
Premium & business have empty seats but I soon noticed that our empty seats are reserved for PAL crew who will be on duty at the return flight to Manila. 
The crew came in 2 shifts. The first shift worked on our flight & second shift  will work on the return flight. Crew will not be allowed to leave the airport or else will have to be quarantined here for 14 days
The crew were in full PPE gear except Pilots. I forgot to take a photo. .The crew looks like the frontliners we see.
Overall, our flight was smooth & comfortable. 😊 The cabin crew are always pleasant & attentive. 
Bottled water provided. 
NAIA Terminal: All international outbound flights are in Terminal  1. Clean. Small crowd.  Orderly. Bathrooms clean. Trays on xray screening are disinfected after each use. Lounge is closed. No in-dining yet. Restaurants are closed but small kiosks are open for  dine out. No tables outside but eating allowed while seated in the gate but no drinks allowed. You can drink outside the gate perimeter.