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My experience as a Covid-19 victim

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A Covid-19 victim shared his experience in a Viber post. Here is his story:

This all started with a very mild fever in the morning and in the afternoons 39°C Temp for a week.
2 days before I decided to go to a hospital, I felt shortness of breath, had reddish brown phlegm which indicated pneumonia, the cough worsened.

Mar 25 decided to go into hospital but most hospitals were fully booked but still decided to go to Asian Hospital on my cousin’s insistence because she had contacted a friend who had a say so on admissions. At ~8:30pm my oxygenation O2 was already at a low 40% so my doctor put me on a high flow O2 mask but on the 2nd day because my oxygenation remained still at a low 80% ( ideally 95%>), they decided to intubate me at ICU. I was sedated for ~8 days and in between they made sure I showed signs of awakening otherwise it would have by all indications, a bad sign.

I was luckily responding well on my vital signs like, oxygen level, arterial blood gas, x—rays, CBC. Meanwhile, covid19 complications included injured kidney, inflammation on heart, oral treatment for cytokines (lung related)

Applied Hydroxychloroquin with a medicine I cannot remember now. (this recently is no longer allowed because it doesn’t present a cure for everyone).

My condition on the medical chart was “CRITICAL”.

I woke up on the 9th day, the only one to survive among the ICU patients as I was informed weeks later by my doctor.
>(I and the ICU doctors as well attest this to a miracle.)

>One factor that seems critical to survival is not having prior conditions such as diabetes, hi-blood or other ailments or complications.

From there on, I was transferred to telemetry and finally to a more or less covid19 free floor where I had to undergo PT for ~5 days as I probably lost 25~40% of muscle mass as result of 9 days at ICU. An insight into this is, when I first tried standing up, I felt like my legs had to support 250 kilos of weight. Had to get back my sense of balance too. First day of PT, I couldn’t stand for more than a minute without feeling exhausted.

Finally released on April 30th. Today I am still working at gaining 100% recovery in terms of muscle mass by exercising daily. On a scale of 1-10 maybe I am already on a 9+.

*Hope this is informative enough and could help others have an insight of how serious a covid19 onslaught is.
*There is no textbook rule on curing covid19 patients to date so prevention is the best possible way to avoid this situation. Washing hands properly and observing hygiene protocols strictly is your best defense.
**PRAYERS are the most important.