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New Shows to Binge on

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You guys have any suggestions of any new shows to binge on?

I just finished Tiger King - which I found highly entertaining, and Tales from the Loop - on Amazon, which was a beautiful watch but was a little on the sad side.

What are you guys watching?

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@keetykat - Not new, but always fun to watch -- Leverage. 

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Popcorn TV is all I can handle right now:

- Finished watching Hawaii Five-O, all 10 seasons including the series finale that aired this month.

- All FBI episodes so far

- All FBI Most Wanted episodes so far

- All Law and Order SVU so far

- And any shows from the 90 Day Fiance franchise... Husband and I watch this together. Just as train wrecked a show as the Lion King. 

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Yes, binge watching seems to be the activity of choice in these days of social isolation. Here is what I found very interesting on Netflix: 1) "The Fall" (a gripping British series about a detective who likes one-night stands while hunting for a serial killer); 2) "Halt and Catch Fire" (an excellent American production about a girl programming prodigy, a husband-and-wife team of hardware engineers, and a computer visionary who together wind their way through the evolution of the computer industry from the introduction of the IBM PC in 1982 to the birth of the Internet); 3) "Babylon Berlin" (a German period piece set in 1929-30 that offers a realistic picture of decadent life in Germany between the wars); 4) "Line of Duty" (a gritty British production about cops); and 5) "Call the Midwife" (a wonderful British period piece set in the 1957-60 era that shows life in the east end of London during that time). All of these are excellently written, produced, acted, and directed. I recommend these highly.