Welcome! In these pandemic times, most of us are forced to stay at home and maintain physical distances in order to limit the spread of the deadly Corona Virus. The lockdown is now on its second month and it is predicted that it will remain in place for anywhere from another month to another 3-4 months. Regardless of how long the strict lockdown may last, it is now clear that everyday life as we have known it has already changed dramatically. We might say that the “Age of Social Distances” is now upon us.

            Every one of us now has to cope with the altered circumstances of our lives. We will of course survive the shock caused by this Covid-19 pandemic – as well as possible future ones – as we doubtless will each find ways of dealing with the changes it will have wrought in our social relations, our economic arrangements, and even our political structures.  In trying to come to grips with the substantive adjustments we are likely to be called upon to make in our daily lives, it will probably help a great deal to share experiences and maintain conversations with others sharing the same problems and predicaments. We are social beings and we are not generally used to isolation. Sharing experiences with others not only provides us with different insights and perspectives in our approaches to the problems we will encounter, but it also boosts our morale and shores up our strength in these trying times through the reaffirmation of our conviction that we are not alone. We are all in this together. And we will overcome this together.

            That is the purpose of this forum. It is a community forum and group blog that we hope will act as a convenient vehicle to allow for an easy and useful sharing of experiences among its users. Despite physical distancing, it will, we hope, be a medium for meaningful exchanges that will see every one of us through the transition to either a subtly changed world or a drastically different one. Perhaps it will be a way of connecting and holding hands across social distances.